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Artwork By Randi

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Artwork by Randi
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This is my artwork lj. I will post items I've made in the past, as well as current pieces that are complete, or works in progress. I hope that using this lj as a venue to get ideas out, suggestions for pieces, how much you might pay for a piece, requests for commissioned works (within my capabilities)and give feedback on pieces I've already completed.

The Business


Please feel free to im me or email me (email is prefered because I can keep better records)
with details


about beads, size, (if you want wire, chain, stretch cord, etc) and colors you would want your piece to have, how much you can spend, and if you want to save money- if you're ok with base metal, or if you want to splurge and go for sterling. I'll need money fronted for orders that will require me ordering supplies from Rio, and to make sure I have enough (sawblades) for the piece. I can do very little as far as enameling goes, until I can get my hands on a cheap enameling kiln...so I appologize ahead of time if I run out of pieces...


an image is really helpful - *say you want a portrait, or a drawing of a favorite character from an anime/show/movie etc. Please provide me with a picture you wish for me to draw from.
-Keep in mind I have my own style so it won't be an exact replica of the photograph.

-water or acrylic are the mediums I can use.
-Materials (paper/canvas/canvas board/paints) you can afford (this may affect the size, and or medium)
-style (abstract, "weird", speckle, mosaic...)or "copy" eg. I did a painting of a photo I took of the banyas waterfalls in Israel in acrylics on a 8x10 canvas

(*if you're interested in buying a piece that's for sale*):

-Please comment in the appropriate post (It will say if an item is for sale in the subject line)
-I can accept money for sales on paypal and money orders, but please: no cash (unless you meet me in person to get your piece) I will accept personal checks, but will ship only after check has cleared. I have a scale to work out cost for weight, but I've never shipped paintings before, so that will be something we'll need to talk about/work out. (I'll research the cost before agreeing to the piece because I don't want to make the item too much out of your price range)
-Shipping will be agreed upon once these are figured:(weight after completion, items are added, location shipping to, bulk costs, insurance *required*, packaging/wraping) Anything else I can think of will also be discussed. I just want to make sure you get your piece, and no damage/harm comes to it. I want you to be happy with your pieces!

You have to be able to meet me somewhere, or, if you want a henna party, please tell me and we can talk about arragements for that as well. I will need funds to purchase henna, and an idea of how many people will want henna designs. Normally I charge based on size of design, and the time it takes to finish. (we can talk about places to hold the party- like a local coffee house and of course, get their permission to do the party)